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The high quality Bresser Condor 20-60x85mm spotting scope with cover and our best spotting scope stand, the SDI Model 500 with the ball swivel head for only  $499.00

with free shipping to anywhere in the USA

May & June 2019

Complete HPI upper assembly with Bresser scope

and SDI scope mount

ON SALE           $898.00 

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                                                                                                                     AR-15 Shorty rifle

                                                                                                16 “ Armalite barrel with a

                                                                                                        mid-length HPI floating handguard system

                                                                                                Armalite lower with a Jewell trigger

                                                                                                        and a collapsible butt stock

                                                                                                A flat top upper with an HPI side charging system

                                                                                                         (likely the last one we will ever make)

                                                                                                Included are

                                                                                                           1 – 30 round mag

                                                                                                           1 – GI nylon web sling

                                                                                                           1 – GI bayonet

                                                                                                                  All for only           $925

                                       NRA/CMP legal Service Rifle

   A  prototype rifle built for testing our complete upper assemblys and lower parts kits put together on a shop lower.                            This rifle has been used only gently for testing and ammo development.



                                                                                               AR-15 Match rifle – lightly used


                                                         24” Krieger 1/7.7 SS barrel with a 6” integral bloop tube

                                                                                 and an adjustable gas block

                                                         Jewell trigger in an Armalite lower receiver

                                                          With a metallic green finish (there is a small nick in the finish

                                                                                     on the top of the handguard tube)

                                                          Zelenak rear sight with an Anschutz iris on an HPI adapter block

                                                          Anschutz front sight with an Anschutz iris on an HPI riser block

                                                          Adjustable butt plate

                                                                       Constructed new this rifle would be $2595.00.

                                                                                        This one is less than half price at only